Different Types Of Driving Schools: In Which Will You Enroll?

When you're learning to drive, driving different kinds of vehicles may require different types of schooling. Even driving a car has a couple of different driving school options. Depending on what you want to learn to drive, and the type of school you want to learn it from, here are all the ways to learn how to drive this or that kind of vehicle.

High-School Sponsored Instruction

Some high schools are lucky enough to have driver's ed certified instructors available. These teachers teach the classroom portion of the driving instruction, and then take groups of teens out in a special car that has an extra set of brakes on which the teacher (who rides in the passenger seat up front) can step if the teen driver is about to get into an accident. Teens are encouraged to practice-drive with their parents at home, but they usually receive a certain number of driving instruction hours with these teachers.

Independent Driving Schools

These are driving instruction businesses whereby people (both adults and teens) pay a fee to learn private instruction or small-group instruction from a single owner/operator of the school. The instructor is certified and licensed to teach driving via the state requirements for such instruction. They can also teach you how to drive better if you have recently lost your license to suspension or revocation. 

Vocational School-Sponsored Driving Instruction

Sometimes vocational or technical schools offer driving classes because learning how to drive is the first step toward getting a certain job. Since most employers typically do not consider hiring someone who does not have their own reliable mode of transportation, it is important to have a driver's license and a car to get to and from work. (The only exceptions are major cities that have subways and other reliable public transportation options.) If there is a vocational or technical college near you, call them to find out if they offer any driving instruction classes for driving a passenger car. 

Driving Commercial Vehicles

Getting a commercial driver's license (or CDL) requires a different sort of driving education. This is typically offered through a vocational college, but you may find opportunities for learning through other means. Some delivery companies will train you to drive commercial vehicles and pay you to learn how to drive said vehicles. If this is the type of driving that interests you, you will need to have a regular driver's license first, and then you can learn how to drive these vehicles.

Contact a driving school near you in order to learn more.