What Upgrades Should I Make For Rideshare?

Becoming a rideshare driver is a proven way to make a bit of extra cash and have a flexible schedule. Making sure your customers are comfortable in your vehicle is part of the job description, so some drivers like to go above and beyond to ensure their car is ready for rideshare. Here are some things you should do that should be on your checklist.

Cosmetic Repairs

If you pull up to the curb with a very noticeable dent in your car, passengers won't be stoked to get in. When your vehicle has a significant amount of wear and tear, it can affect your ratings or your ability to drive at all. So this might be the right time to get that minor collision repair started or to fix a window that's been cracked for a while. Visit a local repair shop in your area, like Fenza's Auto Body Inc., for specific details. 

AC or Heating Upgrades

If you have any issues with your heating and cooling system, this will definitely be something to look into before you start taking passengers. A ride that's who's too hot or too cold will certainly be a miserable one, and it's something that can easily decrease your ratings as a driver.

Tune Up

You'll probably start driving many more miles per day once you're a professional driver. That means you'll be using more fuel. Wouldn't it be nice to ensure that you're getting the best mileage per gallon that you can? Take your car to an auto repair shop that does tune ups; they will be able to tell you what factors are affecting your car's fuel performance.

AV Hookups

More and more, passengers are going to be asking if they can hook up their own phones to play their music. It's often a simple upgrade to make, and your car might already have the right AV outlets. All you will need is a cord that's compatible with USB or iPhone and android ports.


While this is completely optional, some rideshare drivers like to provide bottled water or other refreshments to customers. It makes the ride go a little smoother when you can offer an extra something to passengers. And if you are looking to retain a 5-star rating, this is a great way to do it. All of these things will make your passengers happier with their service, but they will also help you drive in comfort once you start spending a lot more time in your car.