5 Ways Your Car's Paint Can Be Ruined

One of the hardest parts about owning a car is making sure that it is always in absolute tip top condition. Most people are under the assumption that one of the easiest facets of car ownership and maintenance is taking care of the paint job. Nothing could be further from the truth. Car paint tends to bleed easily and can be damaged by a simple scuff. There are a number of things that can damage your car's paint that you should avoid, if possible.


Unfortunately, wildfires are all too common in numerous states throughout the United States. Especially one the west coast and throughout the Colorado Rockies, wildfires are becoming an increasingly familiar event. The ash from wildfire can prove to be quite damaging to a car's paint job. By allowing the debris to rest on the car, the car's lacquer job can begin to peel away due to the powerful alkalis present in the ash. Washing the ash away can cause even more problems, as it become corrosive when its exposed to water. It is best if you dry wipe the ash away, or better yet, simply take your car for a drive, letting the wind catch all of the ash that has made your automobile its home.

Tree Sap

Tree sap can cause a sticky situation for you and your car's paint job. If allowed to dry, tree sap can become a serious problem due to its adhesive properties. However, wiping it off while it has yet to set can cause it to smear around the veneer of your car, simply causing it to spread out. It will become less dense but will cover a greater area, making it potentially harder to remove when it is time. It is best if you let it set then remove it using bug or tar removal from your local hardware or auto parts store. It is best if you use it how it is recommended on the package.


Although gas prices are notoriously high right now, one of the biggest problems that contribute to people spilling gas on their car and potentially damaging the paint job is the phenomenon of people "topping off" their vehicles, which is to say, filling their gas tank up as much as possible and perhaps even allowing it to overflow a bit. Whenever gas hits paint and dries, it can serve as a paint thinner, which will eventually remove your beloved vehicle's beautiful paint job.


It's impossible to avoid using your fingers on your car. People are going to run their fingers across it since a car is essentially a tool; you have to engage with it eventually. However, there are certain things that fingers can do to a car that can be avoided. For example, when a car is excessively dusty, avoid tagging the vehicles with well-intentioned humorous remarks such as, "Wash me!" This might seem like a humorous prank, but dragging your fingertip along the dirt and rubbing it into the paint job can create alkali conditions that will allow for the paint to chip off.


Plenty of morning commuters make this mistake. Whatever you do, do not place your morning cup of coffee anywhere on the exterior of your car. If you do, make sure you find a place where you can wash it off as soon as possible. Coffee stains can create deplorable situations for your paint job.

Your car's paint job is a special phenomenon. It can be quite fragile, so it is recommended that you take care of it to the best of your ability. Hopefully, this list has given you some idea about things you maybe didn't know could be detrimental to your paint job. If your car's paint job has been ruined, visit a local auto body shop like Collision One in order to refresh your car's paint job.